About Me

I was watching my first episode of the Sing-Off and Ben Folds said something to one of the older doo wop group that struck a chord with me.

You’re real honest. I think maybe some of that comes from experience because there’s an honesty that happens when you’re really young and then you lose it for awhile because you have all these things to think about. It’s like navigating some choppy waters…

I’m stuck in those choppy waters! Not musically, but expressively. Back in college and a few years after college, I used to blog. A lot. I was pretty good at it too, from my own perspective that is. I was able to express without hesitation. Things were so much more black and white back then. So much more honest.

I tried blogging again in recent years and realized it’s not as fun anymore. My writing is not that fun. It comes with too many caveats and disclaimers, too many thoughts. There’s too much gray area that when trying to explain, I lose the audience (sometimes including myself!). I can only hope that Ben Folds is right in that I’ll find that “honesty” again when I get older.

But as for now, I still find that I desire and long for a means of honest expression. I bought my first DSLR back in January (?) of 2013 and am growing an absolute LOVE for the honesty a good photo brings. Photos that show a person’s true nature, expression, and life. I favor candid photos over posed ones. I find children to be the best models for this, of course. These little creatures are completely uninhibited by the madness in their hair or the stains on their shirts. I want to be like them.

That is why, for 2014, I am going to try to take a photo a day. I’ve tried and failed at this before, but I feel like it’s about time to try again. I do have a couple of goals in mind in trying it a second time around though:

  1. I want to get better as a photographer, of course. Practice makes perfect and I just need to force myself to practice!
  2. I want to find that bold honesty again. I can’t seem to find the words like a I used to, so maybe I can find that honesty in my photos…

We shall seeeee…


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